Lucille Cannon

Young lady trying to get through the world.


HP: 16
Weapons: Rifle, Sword, knife, chain (chain is worn as a belt. Sword is against her back with the rifle on top of it. The knife hangs in a small pocket)
Exp: 20 (none spent yet)
She’s ~_26_yrs old, has dark hair and dark eyes.
Dressed in rather rugged clothing and occasionally wears a clock in order to have enemies not see the weapons under the cloak.
Lucille (or Lucy) Cannon tries to get her way through life, spending money on booze and earning means of currency, quickly. She enjoys being out and can act tsun at time.


She’s works hard as a bounty hunter. She’s been traveling through the wastelands earning her way through life and learning to defend herself. She gets along with people pretty easily but it seems like she has more of a fake outer shell. She likes being accompanied by others because it’s the easiest way to get around in the world, as it is.
She’s easily amused and enjoys to eat and drink.
The men in her life have passed. There’s no real need for “love interests” in this post-apocalyptic world. While with the group, she’s managed to sneak out several nights to have her own fun.
There’s no real hate towards any type of people, but as she grows closer to the people she works with, she will be more willing to take risks if any of them are harmed.

Lucille Cannon

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